Demystifying Wine

Demystifying Wine

One grape at a time

Learn about Wine in a Simplified Way

Wine doesn’t have to be so complicated even though it can seem that way. There’s a whole lot of history, geography, terroir, regulations and varietals with plenty of cherry and leather. Aaargh!! Where oh where to begin?

After learning more and more about wine, I’ve found you can start with a few fundamentals to ground your knowledge. Get to know these basics and you’ll actually feel knowledgeable about wine. You’ll even know what wine to order for any given situation.


Wine Decoder Tastings

Start building (or strengthening) your wine knowledge with the self-guided Wine Decoder Tastings focusing on these 7 noble grapes: RieslingSauvignon BlancChardonnayPinot NoirMerlotCabernet SauvignonSyrah/Shiraz

These Noble Grapes are widely grown and used in wine produced around the world. By focusing on the wine made from these 7 Noble Grapes:

  • The learning process is simplified.
  • You will be able to easily find wine made from these grapes in restaurants and wine stores.
  • You will be able to pair any food with one of these wines.
  • You will become familiar with different production styles used by winemakers.
  • You will build a foundation to understand other wine grapes and wine styles more easily.


Start with the Wine Decoder Tastings Intro

Find out a little of the history behind the 7 Noble Grapes. Then set up your self-guided tastings by following wine recommendations, tasting notes, and pairing notes for each of the 7 Noble Grapes. Learning about wine by actually tasting and comparing will help your palate become familiar with these well-known wines. Enjoy!


Wine Decoder Tastings Intro
Basics of Making Wine
7 Noble Grapes – Taste all 7 side-by-side

White Wine Tastings
Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wine Tastings
Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon

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