Welcome to Common Grape! I’m Stephanie, creator of Common Grape. I’ve been trying to crack the code on wine for a while and I am excited to tell you that wine can be simplified.

Trying to understand wine was always overwhelming for me. I would only order 1 or 2 types of wine at a restaurant because I didn’t know what else to order. I was not familiar with wine brands and found it challenging to select a bottle of wine.

I would attend tastings that featured obscure wines that I would never remember and would likely never find again. Tasting notes were not very helpful either. What did it mean when it described notes of cherry and leather?

Does this sound familiar?

Through my wine journey, I hosted several wine-tasting parties, took some wine classes and learned a lot from my husband who has a deep knowledge and love of wine. Through this process, I came to a realization that wine doesn’t have to be as overwhelming and complicated as it seems.

To help other wine lovers like me, I designed a fun way to learn the fundamentals. It will help you become familiar with the basics and get you through any social situation. You’ll not only look like you know what you’re doing. You’ll actually feel knowledgeable and you’ll even like the wine you are drinking! Didn’t think that was possible?

To start boosting your wine knowledge, begin with the Wine Decoder Tastings Intro then explore each of the 7 Noble Grapes through self-guided wine tastings. Cheers!